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Tommy Lee lists his L.A. favorites

Yes, Tommy Lee, you can go home again.

The Greek-born rocker says he was ecstatic to learn recently that his band Mötley Crüe will be visiting Athens this summer during the Crüe Fest 2 world tour. Tickets went on sale this week, and the tour includes a July 31 stop in Devore.

“Athens -- I’ve never played there, and it’s my hometown,” said Lee, 46, who is “very single” these days and living in Calabasas. “I’m so excited, I swear, I’m going to cry, dude.”

A DVD of last year’s tour, “Crüe Fest 1,” goes on sale Tuesday.


Tommy in the a.m.

For breakfast there are a couple of good places. One is near my house, Marmalade Cafe. They do a great eggs Benedict, and it’s really a triple portion. Great atmosphere, a cool outdoor area with koi ponds, nice trees and turtles, and they make amazing mimosas. The other place is the Griddle in Hollywood. There’s always a line to get in. And even though it’s not my thing, it’s the kind of place where anyone could come walking in -- like, “Look, no way, dude, it’s Jay-Z!”

Round table night

Mastro’s is an amazing steakhouse. They have one kind of near my house in Thousand Oaks that’s just stunning -- the service, a cool, mellow vibe with people playing piano and singing. And for special occasions they have a wonderful private room with a big round table, which I always prefer, because that way no one gets stuck at the wrong end.


Can you say, ‘Opa!’?

One of my favorite spots is Taverna Tony in Malibu. I’ve known Tony [Koursaris] for years, and the food is incredible. They’ve got the band playing, belly dancers, they smash the plates on the floor, they party. I always ask Tony what’s good and leave it to him. But there’s one thing I always order, because it’s a real comfort food for me, and it’s a traditional Greek soup called avgolemono -- chicken soup with egg and lemon.

Club hopping

If I want to go out for some dancing, there are a couple of Hollywood clubs that are good. Vanguard is one, Circus is another. And if you want to get all old-school and sit around and drink and get silly, the Rainbow and the Roxy are still fun. I like to take out-of-town people there, maybe folks who’ve never been to the Strip. I tell them, you gotta see this.

Kids’ stuff

If my two kids [Brandon, 12, and Dylan, 11] are over, our favorite place to go right now is Magic Mountain. They’ve just gotten tall enough to go on all the crazy rides, so it’s really fun. I broke them in easy with Revolution, which is pretty mellow, and after that, they were saying, “Let’s go on every ride in the whole park!”

But a close second is Paintball USA in Santa Clarita, an outdoor paintball park. Boys that age, all they want to do is shoot stuff. Do I get in there too? Are you kidding me? Hell yeah. It’s my chance to shoot my boys in the ass without going to jail.

A final footnote


I’ll go shoe shopping with a girl all day because I love looking at ladies’ feet and shoes, but when it comes to shopping for myself, I just don’t have the patience. I have a wonderful stylist named Cynthia, and she goes all over town buying me clothes.

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