Fast Track: Dennis Quaid says he misses his brother Randy

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Monday.

Dennis Quaid on troubled Randy Quaid: "I miss my brother." (People)

This weekend's Reality Rocks convention was kind of a bust. (Los Angeles Times)

Nick Cannon bolted from Reality Rocks this weekend to be with Mariah Carey. Are the twins on the way? (Radar Online)

The prolific director Sidney Lumet has died. (Los Angeles Times)

The Canadian sitcom "Little Mosque on the Prairie" is popular in 83 countries but can't be seen in the U.S., making it sort of the anti-"Baywatch." (Los Angeles Times)

U2's 360-degree Tour is the most financially successful of all time. (Hollywood Reporter)

Is Regis planning a TV comeback? (New York Post)

Rumors are swirling that Katie Couric and Matt Lauer may reunite for their own daytime talk show. (New York Times)

Daniel Radcliffe is following up his Harry Potter career with the ghostly thriller "The Woman in Black." No, that's not Moaning Myrtle. (SlashFilm)

Olympic officials really, really want Coldplay to perform during the opening ceremony in London next year. (Spinner)

Michael Shannon will play General Zod in "Superman." (Huffington Post)

Neve Campbell says shes tired of all the sequels Hollywood cranks out. And, yes, Neve's back on the big screen this month in "Scream 4." (New Zealand Herald)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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