Fast Track: Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to terminate again

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Wednesday.

At 63, Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking to star in another "Terminator" movie. Hey, Arnold, it was cool when you said, "I'll be back." But you don't have to actually come back! (Los Angeles Times)

"American Idol" has a serious lack of female finalists this year. (Los Angeles Times)

Sony's PlayStation Network is down for at least a week after hackers obtained the credit card info of millions of users. (Los Angeles Times)

Animation is a tough game. DreamWorks Animation's profit dropped 60% in the first quarter of this year. (Los Angeles Times)

"Glee" has conservative media critic Dan Gainor so steamed that he seems to never miss an episode. (ABC News)

Has Budweiser released the first-ever gay military beer commercial? (Don't tell Dan Gainor!) (After Elton)

Who would have guessed that the year's most profitable movie so far would be the ghost story shocker "Insidious"? (Hollywood Reporter)

How awesome is HBO's "Game of Thrones"? The last episode spurred a physical altercation between cousins that resulted in an arrest. Trouble in House Podniestrzanski. (Smoking Gun)

Beyonce is being sued for $100 million for pulling out of a video game project called Starpower: Beyonce. (New York Magazine)

Kirstie Alley may get her own sitcom again. (PopEater)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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