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Fast Track: Grammy nomination love for Kanye and Adele

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Thursday.

Kanye West and Adele lead the pack for Grammy nominations. (Los Angeles Times)

“The Book of Mormon” picked up a Grammy nod for musical theater cast album, but the question on most minds is if a movie will be next. (Los Angeles Times)

The Golden Globes trial is set to begin Jan. 24. Who will control TV rights to the awards? (THR)


Harry Potter is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood. But where exactly is the ride going to sit? (Los Angeles Times)

The lineup of movies in competition at January’s Sundance Film Festival has been announced. (Los Angeles Times)

Judging by this photo, Daniel Day-Lewis IS Abraham Lincoln. (Huffington Post)

Sad news for movie fans: Roger Ebert’s new “At the Movies” is going on hiatus after December to explore funding options. (


Meryl Streep is in Washington to accept the Kennedy Center Honors, and she’s meeting with all kinds of politicians beforehand. (Washington Post)

According to a new Nielsen study, the number of households with a TV has dropped for the first time since Nielsen has kept records. (Entertainment Weekly)

Bieber who? The singer didn’t even make the top 10 search terms on Yahoo in 2011. No. 1? iPhone. (Yahoo)

Ed O’Neil says he’s up for a “Married...With Children” reunion. Someone call Bud Bundy! (E! Online)

Country singer Mindy McCready says she did not “steal” her child, but a judge has reportedly ordered her to return him. (Access Hollywood)

--Patrick Kevin Day

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