Out with the stars on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

Far from the lights of Hollywood, Las Vegas is the town where you star in your own movie — especially on New Year’s Eve. Big stars host the partying there, and Ministry of Gossip tracked down Stevie Wonder and Black Eyed Peas’ and Fergie, all of whom are hosting events, to talk New Year’s Eve do’s and don’ts and just how that midnight kiss is supposed to go down — if you’re lucky enough to nab one.

Stevie Wonder, performing at the Chelsea in the Cosmopolitan:

Ministry of Gossip: You’ve got a massive catalog of hits; what song tends to be the biggest crowd pleaser?

Wonder: “Superstition.”

MoG: What resolution do you most often break?

Wonder: None, because I rarely make them. I just say let me do better in the coming year.

MoG: Any rules for the midnight kiss?

Wonder: That it be juicy., performing a special DJ set at Surrender Nightclub at Encore inside Wynn Las Vegas:


MoG: What was your highlight of 2011? The travel. Brazil, China, Paraguay, that was dope. Also, the Philippines. We visited [Peas member]’s village where he was raised until he was 14.

MoG: Since you’ll be spinning, what’s that one jam you’ll use to get everyone on the floor? “I Gotta Feeling.” Duh! [The Peas’ most successful single].

MoG: What are your thoughts on the midnight kiss? Don’t expect it. The year you go without it, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Just have fun!

Fergie, unveiling 1 OAK, New York’s exclusive nightspot from Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva, at the Mirage:

MoG: Tell us your rules to live by for New Year’s Eve.

Fergie: Get a designated driver or take a cab!

MoG: What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

Fergie: I’m always being inspired, constantly seeking new creative ideas. I’d also like to do more voiceover work in film, television and animation.

MoG: Your thoughts on the coveted midnight smooch?

Fergie: All bets are off!