Fast Track: Barbie plus Ken for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day shocker: Barbie and Ken are back together again. Who knew they were ever apart? (Entertainment Weekly)

For a single, shining moment, the Grammys seemed cool last night when they gave album of the year to Arcade Fire. (Los Angeles Times)

But mostly, the Grammys were about stuff like Lady Gaga showing up in an egg. What? Lady Gaga did something strange? (Los Angeles Times)

No surprises here: The Brits awarded the top BAFTA awards to "The King's Speech." (Los Angeles Times)

Bieber battles Sandler at the box office to a virtual draw. (Los Angeles Times)

Several guests of the Playboy Mansion have been struck with a nasty respiratory disease. (Los Angeles Times)

Jasper Johns will be the first studio artist to win a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 34 years. (Los Angeles Times)

Yet another A-lister is "in discussions" to join "The Dark Knight Rises." (Hollywood Reporter)

One of Charlie Sheen's porn star pals sent him a text saying she's pregnant but she doesn't think it's his and is going to "take care of the situation." She sent the heads up so he would know before it hit the press -- then she sent it to the press. (TMZ)

Did Tommy Wiseau lie about directing "The Room"? Why would you lie about directing one of the worst movies of all time? (Slash Film)

In the brief battle of Barbra Streisand versus "Glee," "Glee" has bested Babs. (Hollywood Reporter)

--Patrick Kevin Day

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