Mickey Rooney’s stepson ordered to turn over all of the actor’s ID cards


Mickey Rooney’s stepson was ordered Thursday to turn over all of the 90-year-old actor’s identification cards — including his passport, state ID card, various insurance cards and his Screen Actor’s Guild membership — and to continue to abide by a temporary restraining order that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge issued 10 days ago.

Rooney has alleged in court papers that his stepson, Christopher Aber, 52, of Westlake Village and Aber’s wife, Christina Aber, 42, have been physically and emotionally abusing him for several years by depriving him of food and medications, prohibiting him from leaving his house and taking control over his finances. Christopher Aber is one of two sons of Rooney’s wife, Jan Chamberlin. Rooney and his wife, who is not a party to the restraining order, were not in court.

Attorney Michael R. Augustine, who was appointed temporary conservator of Rooney’s estate on Feb. 14, filed documents for Thursday’s hearing stating that he’s met with Rooney twice over the last 10 days and observed that the actor was wearing the same clothes both times and had no money or identification cards in his wallet.


Rooney “believes that Christopher Aber has coerced him into signing documents which resulted in financial detriment,” Augustine wrote. Rooney “believes that his assets have been depleted by Christopher Aber and he is fearful that because [he] is gaining steps to regain control over his assets, Christopher Aber will do him bodily harm.”

Augustine also wrote that he has determined that three bank accounts once containing more than $400,000 of the Oscar- and Emmy-winning actor’s earnings now have a total balance of $1,200. “Mr. Rooney has no knowledge as to how these funds were spent and specifically stated to me that none of those funds were paid to him,” Augustine added.

On Thursday, Judge Reva G. Goetz extended the restraining order until April 5, when an evidentiary hearing is scheduled and Rooney is expected to testify, his attorney Bruce Ross said. A hearing also has been scheduled for March 25 to appoint Augustine the permanent conservator of Rooney’s estate.

Attorney John O'Meara, who said he was hired Wednesday to represent the Abers, asked the judge to amend the restraining order to allow Christopher Aber to pick up his mother at the curb for doctor appointments and social events. But Goetz refused, saying Chamberlin will have to make her own arrangements to meet him at the entrance of their gated community.