Fast Track: Clint Eastwood will make sure Beyonce’s ‘Star’ is born

Beyonce is following in Barbra Streisand’s footsteps with “A Star is Born”... and Clint Eastwood is in charge. (Los Angeles Times)

Kanye West is coming to Coachella, and a lot of people are saying, “No thanks.” (Los Angeles Times)

The executive at NBC responsible for giving us “The Cape,” “The Event” and “Law & Order: Los Angeles” is stepping down. Is it safe to watch NBC again? (Los Angeles Times)

Don’t like the way your movie career is going? Make a Sundance movie and everything will (hopefully) be better. (Los Angeles Times)


Octomom hasn’t had a lover in 11 years. Use this knowledge for good, not evil. (TMZ)

Roger Ebert is going to wear a prosthetic chin for his TV appearance on “Ebert Presents at the Movies.” (Hollywood Reporter)

ABC is giving Jimmy Kimmel an extra six minutes every night at the expense of “Nightline.” (Los Angeles TImes)

Post breakup Macaulay Culkin is now hooking up with a porn star. Rewatch “Uncle Buck,” and think about that. (The Superficial)

Is Christina Aguilera headed down the breakdown path? (E! Online)

Disney World’s Star Tours ride will finally add a new destination this May. (SlashFilm)

Do you love remakes? Warner Bros. hopes you do -- the studio has plans to remake “Lethal Weapon,” “Westworld” and “The Wild Bunch.” (Hollywood Reporter)

“Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” is competing with Jackie Mason for a dubious Broadway record. (New York Times)


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