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Fast Track: Kat Von D opens up on her very bad week

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Friday.

After storming off “Good Day L.A.” earlier this week, Kat Von D writes a lengthy Facebook explanation (note: it contains some strong language) of her tough times, titled “What can I say? I suck.” She might have difficulty finding someone to argue with that. (Facebook)

People love Redbox -- the company’s revenue is up 34% from this same time a year ago. (Los Angeles Times)

Alan Ball says he’ll be back with “True Blood” for another season, but he reminds us, “Everything ends.” (Los Angeles Times)


A judge orders comedian Andy Dick to stand trial on sex-abuse charges in West Virginia. (Huffington Post)

Rupert Murdoch’s pie attacker has been convicted of assault. (Huffington Post)

“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy has revealed plans for a “Glee” spinoff, but don’t get too excited. Those plans are now on hold. (Entertainment Weekly)

A judge has ruled in favor of Marvel in a lawsuit brought by the heirs of comic book legend Jack Kirby. (Los Angeles Times)


“Celebrity Rehab” honcho Dr. Drew says that Amy Winehouse had been trying to contact him in the months before her death. (Wall Street Journal)

George Lucas’ first non-"Star Wars,” non-Indiana Jones movie in years, “Red Tails,” will be released next January. (Movieline)

That blue goo you’ll see on movie theater floors this weekend is the leftovers from “The Smurfs” getting trampled by “Cowboys and Aliens.” (Los Angeles Times)

HBO’s chief loves “Game of Thrones,” but says he’s still not a fantasy guy. (Los Angeles Times)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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