‘Storage Wars’ star Dave Hester sues A&E;, claiming show is faked

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Yuuup! “Storage Wars” star Dave Hester is suing A&E;, claiming its hit reality show is a fake.

Hester - whose aggressive bidding call “yuuup!” has become a catch-phrase emblazoned on T-shirts -- filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, claiming that he was fired after he complained that producers were planting exotic and expensive items to pump up drama on the show.

“Storage Wars,” which premiered in 2010, features Hester and other bidders competing over abandoned storage lockers in public auctions. Hester was the owner of a thrift store in Costa Mesa that is now closed.


Hester essentially serves as the show’s villain, working to bid up lockers he has no intention of buying and frequently trash-talking other players. His Twitter handle is @davethemogul.

Hester and the producers had been sparring behind the scenes recently, with some news reports suggesting he might not return for the show’s new season.

An A&E; rep could not be immediately reached for comment.

What do you think of Hester and his lawsuit?


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