Tim Burton directs the Killers' new 'Here With Me' video

The Killers’ new single, “Here With Me,” gets a sweetly morbid boost from director Tim Burton, who shot his second video for the Las Vegas band.

In the video, actor Craig Roberts, affecting his best Bud Cort-meets-Tony Perkins alienated young man, becomes fascinated with a freak show mannequin that occasionally morphs into -- who else? -- Winona Ryder, complete with backstage autograph hounds.

With lots of signature black-and-white imagery from Burton, the visuals reportedly were inspired by the  1935 film “Mad Love” to amplify the sentiment expressed by singer Brandon Flowers that “I don’t want your picture…. I want you here with me." Burton also offers a nod or two to suspense master Alfred Hitchcock.

The denouement is a touchingly ambiguous celebration of two kindred spirits finding one another -- perhaps.

In 2006, Burton also worked with the band on its  “Bones” video. The “Here With Me” clip, which premiered today on Vevo,  can be seen here:


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