Five most uncomfortable comments from the Met Gala press line


The glossy, full-length fashion shots from the annual Met Gala often convey the scale and glamour of the event, but thanks to this year’s multi-platform livestreaming of the arrivals we got to hear the pandemonium.

And we can already see the disapproval on Anna Wintour’s face come Tuesday morning. The Ministry caught the red carpet broadcast at (it was also available on Facebook’s celebrity page and at, and some of the commentary coming from the press line wasn’t very Vogue.

PHOTOS: Met Gala 2012

In fact it was belligerent, bitchy, aggressive and often super awkward. While we couldn’t assign the cringe-worthy sound bites specifically to video crew, photographers, staff or publicsits, we can dream. Here are our favorite gems...


The ‘HDY’: HDYs (“How Dare You!”) are best used as brief and hostile outcries over something really benign. Like using your phone in the frame of someone’s shot. “Can you TEXT somewhere else!?” erupted from someone trying to snap Eva Mendes atop the red-carpeted stairs.

The backhanded compliment: Photographers often instantly review photo sets on their devices after a subject has passed, and in the case of the Met Gala, one in particular was overheard reviewing his pictures to a peer. “It’s perfect,” the man in question remarked, “except for that idiot in the background.” Carpets are crowded (and apparently vicious) places, ya’ll.

Name game: It’s never easy identifying a tidal wave of celebs arriving in a brief time window, but sometimes attempts at making IDs need calling out. “Wilson Philips is coming. No. it’s Rage Against the Machine,” someone offered upon seeing Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine, show up. [Editorial note: Really?]

Diva blasting: Let us not be misunderstood, we love the press line. They are our people. Knowing them as we do, we understand that the frenzy is exhausting. After two hours on your feet, awaiting that one big name can inspire some ill will. At the 8:30 p.m. carpet closing, Rihanna had yet to strut through, and after an inquiry, a particularly over it individual announced to the corps, “Rihanna’s going to be Five. Minutes. Late.”

The angry echo: This comes on the heels of an act like diva blasting, wherein a peer within earshot chirps their mutual disgust with an obvious and predictable suggestion, like in the case of Rihanna-gate, we hear “they should give these people specific times.” If only.

For now, you cant catch the entire glorious stream here. But don’t miss the full Ministry dispatch on arrivals.


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