Madonna succumbs to Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ in New York

In Los Angeles, Madonna was not joined by Psy.
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

Consider this a public service announcement: Tuesday night in New York, Madonna and Korean pop star Psy joined forces for a one-two punch of his “Gangnam Style” and her “Music.”

There is, Pop & Hiss is wagering, a small if not insignificant percentage of our readers who are curious to see such a pairing. Many likely do not care. Those in the latter camp, carry on -- there is nothing to see here. We hope to see you shortly on a different post.

Those in the former, welcome. Work, after all, can wait a few moments. There is no reason to feel shame. Curiosity, after all, got the better of us, too, and it resulted in this post.


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Here’s what the Associated Press tells us: Psy flew in Tuesday morning from Frankfurt, Germany, to appear at the concert. He wore a red suit, Madonna crawled through his legs and a whole team of ace backing dancers succumbed to the borderline-novelty horsey dance.

At one point Madonna pretended to be galloping along Psy’s back. Our critical assessment? It doesn’t look all that different from what will surely (and regrettably) play out at office holiday parties over the next month and a half.

It all can be enjoyed in about 90 seconds or less, thanks to the below video. It gets a little awkward during “Music,” as Madonna and Psy both seem at a loss for how to interact outside the lighthearted confines of his “Gangnam Style.”

Without further ado:


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