Kristen Stewart's extremely awkward 'Conan' interview

They say that fame changes people, but then there are celebrities such as Kristen Stewart who prove that being comfortable in the limelight isn't necessarily a bad thing.

The actress, who by now is nearly as renowned for her awkward media appearances and messy personal life as she is for starring in the five installments of “The Twilight Saga,” stopped by  “Conan” last night to promote “Breaking Dawn Part II,” which hits theaters Friday.

And while it’s understandable why she might recoil when asked about the status of her relationship with costar Robert Pattinson, as she did on “Today” last week, O’Brien was nothing but a perfect -- albeit goofy -- gentleman throughout the interview. Nevertheless, Stewart appeared distracted, nervous, and maybe even a little irritated.

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To his credit, O’Brien pulled out every trick in his repertoire to try to put Stewart at ease.  His efforts even paid off, however fleetingly: Stewart laughed at O’Brien’s impersonation of his mother, but then swerved back into Awkwardville by saying that she smoked because “I wanted something … in my mouth.”

Sensing she’d taken the joke a little too far, Stewart resumed rocking back forth in her chair nervously, like a kid in the principal’s office. “Why did I just do that?” she asked O’Brien.

Kristen, we have no idea.


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