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Kim Kardashian reflects on LeBron James’ upgraded brand: champion

Kim Kardashian reflects on LeBron James’ upgraded brand: champion
Kim Kardashian snaps herself at Samsung’s official after-party celebrating LeBron James’ championship ring presentation in Miami.
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LeBron James was officially crowned sports royalty Tuesday night, as the Miami Heat were presented championship rings ahead of the new season’s first game.

LeBron has always been a franchise player but now has the hardware to match -- and who better to discuss his elevated brand than Kim Kardashian?

Mini-mogul Kim attended an after-party to celebrate the Heat’s ring presentation at Miami’s Soho House, where LeBron toasted his moment with close pals and Samsung (James debuted in a national ad spot for the Galaxy Note II, also on Tuesday). 

She buzzed the Ministry to discuss the excitement of the night and Miami’s reaction, as well as the next steps for making LeBron a long-term marketing force.


Matt Donnelly: What’s the vibe like in Florida?

Kim Kardashian: It’s amazing, just to see the whole city lit up and excited. I’m here filming [E!'s “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami”] and this is one of the first times I’ve been out. I’m here with a few friends and it’s so exciting.

MD: It’s such a big night for LeBron. He’s obviously famous as it is but the championship definitely bumps him up a notch. Any advice on how he can handle the added attention and pressure?

KK: I’ve never won a championship! So I’m not sure I’d have any specific advice, but what I’ve learned from brother-in-law [Lamar Odom] winning a championship is that it was a really special time, a really rewarding time. Even from someone like my stepdad [Bruce Jenner] who was in competitive sports. 


MD: But you can certainly speak to his power as a brand. What steps should he take in maintaining and growing his presence for longevity?

KK: I think people like LeBron and Kanye [West, Kim’s boyfriend] who just performed for Samsung in New York, those are trendsetters. They’re people who really know what they’re doing and they have a huge influence.

As a brand myself, I love to support other brands and get to know the followers. Stuff like [LeBron’s commercial] is a little different than showing up at a party. You need to be authentic to a product or a brand, then it’s not like work.

MD: Speaking of work, what’s next for the Kardashians?

KK: We’re filming in Miami and in about a week we’re launching the Kardashian collection in the U.K. We’re partnering with Sir Philip Green who owns Topshop and other stores. It’ll be Khloe’s first time there so I’m take her around, see the palace, what the taxis look like.

Safe travels, Kardashians. And congrats from the Ministry, LeBron. 


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