Report: Scientology alienated Tom Cruise’s kids from Nicole Kidman


The storm rages over Scientology and Tom Cruise, as a Vanity Fair article makes further allegations that the religion and its star frontman alienated Cruise’s kids from their adoptive mother, Nicole Kidman.

A much-discussed October cover story from the magazine claims that in the wake of Cruise and Kidman’s 2001 split, the church held auditions seeking a replacement bride for the “Top Gun” actor, and further more marked his ex Kidman as a detractor.

A “suppressive person,” as the organization calls it, is an “antisocial” personality with a goal to block the mission of Scientology. Kidman wanted nothing to do with the faith after the demise of her marriage, the report alleges via Us Weekly, and the couple’s kids Isabella and Connor were flagged to her dissent.


“They rejected Nicole -- they’ve been instructed,” former Scientologist, and bodyguard to church leader David Miscavige, John Brousseau reportedly told VF.

Both Isabella, 19, and 17-year-old Connor are said to have accompanied Cruise in church sessions designed to identify so-called suppressive people. Brousseau said the kids regarded Kidman as such, saying “we hate going and seeing her.”

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This is getting so ugly we’re tempted to make an “Eyes Wide Shut” pun. Reps for Kidman and Cruise did not respond for comment at press time. Likewise, the the media office at the Church of Scientology did not return requests though they previously dismissed the entire story as “hogwash.”

Though it’s unclear if the children “hate” spending time with Kidman, a 2010 interview with the Associated Press sheds light on the contact they’ve maintained throughout the years.

Reflecting on the life she shares with husband Keith Urban and their family, Kidman was candid as to where her adopted kids stood in that picture.

“They live with Tom, which was their choice. I’d love them to live with us, but what can you do?” Kidman said.


Cruise remains an active part of their upbringing, recently accompanying Connor, who works as a DJ, on a club gig in London as interest swirled around Tom’s divorce from Katie Holmes.

A lawyer for Cruise said the Vanity Fair story is “long, boring and false,” adding the star likely won’t sue the publication. Yet, in the Ministry’s humble opinion, the story likely won’t disappear.


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