Britney and Ellen get a ‘Gangnam Style’ dance lesson [video]

What do you give the pop star who has everything?

In the case of Britney Spears it was the gift of a zeitgeisty dance lesson, presented by Ellen DeGeneres.

Tuesday saw DeGeneres welcome Spears and fellow “X Factor” judge Simon Cowell to her couch, and in keeping with protocol for the stunt-loving show, DeGeneres noticed that Britney had tweeted her appreciation for a Korean rapper named Psy.

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Psy is nothing short of a viral phenomenon thanks to his beloved K-pop single “Gangnam Style” and its insane accompanying music video. The track comes complete with a signature dance move, the choreography of which captured Brit-Brit’s attention.

Can you see this coming?

DeGeneres revealed Psy himself to teach them the dance, which consists of some footwork and arm twirling that’s reminiscent of riding a horse.

DeGeneres encouraged Spears to remove a giant pair of platform heels, but Psy protested the fashion choice.

“Mindset of this dance is dress classy and dance cheesy,” he told the women. Watch the glorious clip below.


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