Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler puzzle over Buzzfeed quizzes

The inexplicable addiction to Buzzfeed quizzes and their curious results is baffling even to celebrities -- specifically Ellen DeGeneres and her Thursday guest Chelsea Handler. 

The time-sucking, nonscientific questionnaires enlist quiz-takers to choose from random groupings of items to determine nonessential personality traits. While they're pretty fun and wildly habit-forming, they've also polluted just about every social-media feed and even sparked the comedic ire of some of the first ladies of comedy. Yeah, there's also a quiz about them.

"How does it help you in life to find out what kind of pizza you are?" DeGeneres asked when she brought up the quizzes on her talk show in March. "'Oh, I'm a mushroom pizza. That's why I don't like sailing. That explains it!'"

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The friendly-witted Oscar host took the "Which Queen of Comedy Are You?" quiz live in front of her studio audience back then. The verdict? She wasn't herself, but rather the sharp-tongued Handler, host of "Chelsea Lately," whose brand of humor is deadpan and punctuated with blunt and raunchy remarks.

Perhaps the near polar opposite of DeGeneres.

"I am Chelsea Handler?! How is that possible?" DeGeneres mused. "I guess they're not as accurate as everyone says they are. Well, congratulations Chelsea. I am you."

So when the sardonic "Uganda Be Kidding Me" author appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Thursday, the host asked her guest to take the quiz too.

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Handler's result? Not herself, nor DeGeneres, but "30 Rock" mastermind Tina Fey.

"We should ask Tina to take one and see who she is," DeGeneres said.

"She'll probably be, I don't know, she'll probably be one of the Golden Girls," Handler replied.


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