Exclusive clip: Blake Lively regains her sight in 'All I See Is You'

See Blake Lively in an exclusive clip of the new film 'All I See Is You.'

It was a big summer for Blake Lively.

For years, she's been identified primarily as a television star, best known for her role on "Gossip Girl." But 2016 was the year she finally proved herself at the movies: Her low-budget shark thriller, "The Shallows," is about to surpass $100 million in ticket sales worldwide, and she earned good notices for costarring in Woody Allen's "Cafe Society."


After big-screen successes, Lively will look for a different kind of acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival next week, when her new film "All I See Is You" is set to premiere. The film, which is seeking distribution at the 10-day event, is directed and co-written by Marc Forster, who is coming off his own box office hit in "World War Z."

In "All I See Is You," Lively plays Gina, a young woman who lost her eyesight in a car accident when she was a girl. As an adult, she's put the crash behind her and is thriving: She's working as a guitar teacher and is happily married to James (Jason Clarke), whose job has recently forced the couple to relocate to Bangkok.

Just as Gina is figuring out how to navigate the bustling streets of Thailand on her own, she's given good news from a local doctor: Due to medical advancements, she may be able to regain sight in one of her eyes. Though the surgery is risky, she agrees to get the procedure.

In this clip from the film, we watch as Gina removes her post-surgical bandages for the first time to test whether the operation was successful. When she realizes she can see her husband for the first time in her life, it appears their marriage will only strengthen. But as Gina becomes more self-sufficient, the power dynamics in the relationship begin to shift — causing friction in what was once an idyllic romance.

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