Review: Gore-fest ‘Found’ has little redeeming value

A scene from "Found."

As openings go, “Found” has a grabber: Twelve-year-old Marty (Gavin Brown) surreptitiously opens up his older brother’s bowling ball bag and stares at the severed head of a woman.

As everything else goes, director Scott Schirmer’s no-budget tale of a picked-on, horror-loving boy living with a serial killer is strictly for sexual violence fetishists and unspeakable-gore apologists. The movie’s sickening centerpiece is the film-within-the-film called “Headless,” a nasty video meant to evoke ‘80s-era slasher films and watched by Marty and a friend. In it, a skull-faced sicko terrorizes, carves up and violates women. And those shots do linger.

The filmmakers’ mantra seems to be: Just enough “indie-ish” suburban mundaneness justifies the depravity we really salivate over. Movies with no redeeming qualities are rare, but the execrable “Found” comes pretty close, and all you need to know about who this movie’s audience is lies in the fact that somebody is now turning “Headless” into a feature.



No MPAA rating.

Running time: 1 hour, 43 minutes.

At Arena, Hollywood.