Constance Wu apologizes for ‘insensitive’ tweets about ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ renewal

Actress Constance Wu.
(Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

One day after expressing dismay on social media over the renewal of her ABC sitcom, “Fresh Off the Boat,” for a sixth season, actress Constance Wu apologized on Twitter on Saturday, explaining that she had been upset that she would not be able to pursue another project.

On Friday, shortly after news broke of the show’s renewal, the 37-year-old Wu — who earned a Golden Globe nomination for her breakout performance in the 2018 big-screen hit “Crazy Rich Asians” — tweeted, “So upset right now that I’m literally crying,” capping the post with a profanity. When a fan congratulated her on the show’s pickup, saying it was “great news,” Wu replied, “No it’s not.”

Responding to a growing controversy over what many regarded as her sense of ingratitude toward a show that launched her a career and has been held up as a milestone for Asian American inclusion, Wu issued a lengthy statement.


“I love FOTB,” Wu wrote. “I was temporarily upset yesterday not bc I hate the show but bc its renewal meant I had to give up another project that I was really passionate about. So my dismayed social media replies were more about that other project and not about FOTB. But I understand how that could feel interconnected and could get muddled.

“In general, I’ve always sought artistic challenge over comfort and ease,” she continued. “I was disappointed in not being able to do that other project — because that other project would have challenged me as an artist — that other project would have been really hard and not easy or pleasant at all.”

Wu said that her “words and ill-timing were insensitive to those who are struggling,” adding, “I do regret that and it wasn’t nice and I am sorry for that.”

“People can hold conflicting feelings in their hearts — that conflict is a part of being human,” Wu concluded. “So I can both love the show/cast/crew but at the same time be disappointed that I lost the other unrelated job. I appreciate those who have given me the space and faith to believe what I say about both parts of my heart. Thank you. It’s meaningful when you make the choice to believe women.”

Wu’s next big-screen role will be in the crime comedy “Hustlers,” costarring Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B and set for release in September.


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