‘Game of Thrones’ premieres strange Bud Light promo during Super Bowl: ‘And now his watch has ended’

A Bud Light commercial took a dark turn on Sunday after two familiar faces from HBO’s “Game of Thrones” made surprising appearances.

After the “Bud Knight” shows up to a joust in the shadow of an unrecognizable castle (he asks a pair of squires to hold his three beers) the familiar strains of “The Rains of Castamere” (a.k.a. the Red Wedding song) begins to play. The king presiding over the joust squints and the Bud Knight’s opponent appears, though his face is out of frame.

“Giddy up, peanut!” the Bud Knight commands his horse before taking off in a gallop. He is quickly knocked off his horse and his fall is greeted with shocked silence from the crowd.


His opponent dismounts and approaches where he lays, the camera finally revealing him to be “GOT’s” the Mountain, newly installed Queen Cersei’s protector in King’s Landing. The music turns ominous as the Mountain pulverizes the Bud Knight’s head in a surprisingly dark twist for a beer commercial.

To make matters worse, Daenerys’ dragon Drogon appears and lights fire to the grounds as the crowd flees before “Game of Thrones: The Final Season” appears onscreen over a shot of the Knight’s dead body. As the dragon flies away, the season’s premiere date, April 14, flashes across the screen.

It is unclear whether this will be the only promo for the series during the Super Bowl but HBO pinned the commercial to the show’s official Twitter page. Fans on Twitter were torn between delight and horror at the bizarre crossover.


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