‘Avengers,’ ‘Ted’ among contenders for most overrated movie of ’12


The year that was brought a number of hype-filled hits. Some of that hoopla was deserved. Plenty of it wasn’t.

So which movies received the most undue recognition? According to an informal survey around the L.A. Times newsroom, there are several viable candidates for the dubious honor of most overrated movie. Did “The Avengers” and its superhero pyrotechnics draw the most unearned praise? “Prometheus” and its cult following? Questing of a more animated sort with “Brave?”

The laughers are represented too. Did ‘Ted’s” raunchy slacker comedy merit all its air kisses? “Project X’s” low-budget approach to the lowbrow? And the art house isn’t immune to the overrated tag, with the studiously chilly “The Master” garnering its share of hype--and naysayers.


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Finally, there’s the epic ambition of “Cloud Atlas.” The film finished high in our most underappreciated poll--does it have an equal or even greater number of haters?

We’ll put the question to you. Vote in our poll for which movie drew the most undeserved love this year. (Last year, incidentally, the winner was “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1”, while “Inception” earned the title in 2010.) We’ll tally the votes and hand out the ignoble crown before 2012 is out.


‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I’ is most overrated movie of 2011


Jack Black’s ‘Bernie’ is most underapreciated movie of 2012

What’s the most underappreciated movie of 2012?

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