‘Magic Mike’ and the cinematic greats of stripper movies

The TV ads for director Steven Soderbergh’s “Magic Mike” are calling it the “Citizen Kane” of stripper movies, and who knows, maybe it is? (The reviews for the movie have been generally positive.)

But if “Magic Mike” is the “Citizen Kane” of stripper movies, then what does that make all the stripper movies that came before? Where does “Showgirls” fall in the cinematic canon? How about “Zombie Strippers?”

There can be only one “Citizen Kane” of stripper movies, but not all stripper movies are built the same. Some are more “Godfather-y” while others could be considered almost Steinbeckian.

How does your favorite stripper movie stack up against the greats of cinema? We’ve compiled a list of some of the cinematic stripping greats and figured out which nonstripping films they most echo.

Agree or disagree? Let us know.


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