‘Killing Them Softly’ gets mashed with Chanel No. 5 on ‘Conan’

‘Killing Them Softly’ gets mashed with Chanel No. 5 on ‘Conan’
(Joel Ryan / AP)

Last month Brad Pitt appeared in a head-scratching commercial for the fragrance Chanel No. 5. This month he’s starring in the small-time gangster flick “Killing Them Softly.” How are these things related?

They’re not. But on Thursday night’s episode of “Conan,” Conan O’Brien and his writers took the opportunity to slip Pitt’s bizarre spoken-word non sequiturs from the Chanel No. 5 ad into a scene with Pitt opposite his old “True Romance” co-star, James Gandolfini.


The results, surprisingly, aren’t bad. And some might argue it improves the film, which has received mixed reviews.

O’Brien isn’t the first person to parody Pitt’s bizarre ads. “Saturday Night Live” also mocked the spot. And to his credit, Pitt has had good humor about them, telling “Access Hollywood” that “I haven’t [seen the parodies], but I say absolutely fair play, fair play.”



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