New ‘Gangster Squad’ trailer cuts theater gun fight, keeps fedoras

The first trailer for “Gangster Squad,” the forthcoming period crime film starring Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Emma Stone, included a dramatic scene where characters pulled submachine guns on moviegoers in Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

That scene was cut after real-world violence erupted during a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” in a Colorado movie theater in July. Twelve people were killed and 58 injured in the mass shooting in Aurora, Colo. “Gangster Squad’s” release date was pushed from this fall to next January.

The new “Gangster Squad” trailer, the first to be released following a set of reshoots to address the excised scene, went online Friday.

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It plays up Gosling’s young police sergeant, Jerry Wooters, who joins a gangster squad formed by Josh Brolin’s John O’Mara to take on Brooklyn mob boss Mickey Cohen (Penn).

Romance gets a lot of the spotlight in this trailer -- in a 1940s L.A. lighted by muzzle flash and car headlamps, Wooters meets Stone’s red-lipped Grace Faraday. He introduces himself as a Bible salesman and she quickly falls into his bed. When she learns he has a police badge to go with his fedora, things go south.

As Penn’s Cohen warns in the trailer’s final scene, “You’re gonna be beggin’ for a bullet before it’s over.”



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