‘The Avengers’ voted most overrated movie of 2012 by a landslide


Sure, it featured one of the most star-studded ensembles in the history of comic book movies. And yes, it took in more box-office dollars than any other movie in 2012. But Marvel Studios’ “The Avengers” can now also boast another, less noble distinction: the most overrated film of the year.

According to more than 2,600 respondents to a Times online survey Joss Whedon’s get-the-band-together take on the iconic superheroes was the most overpraised feature film of 2012.

The sometimes-quippy, sometimes-geeky save-the-world-fest garnered a whopping 85% of the votes, besting by a wide margin the next-closest film, Ridley’ Scott’s sci-fi actioner “Prometheus,” which drew just under 5%.

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Of course, big money tends to come with a big backlash. Last year respondents voted “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1,” a huge blockbuster, the most overrated film of the year. But while that film was praised largely by the faithful, the Hulk- and Thor-centric “The Avengers” also had a fair share of pundit and critical love, prompting the 85% to bring down the hammer.

Perhaps not helping in eliciting goodwill among the naysayers -- the “Avengers” rode a long train of hype that began years ago with films like “Thor” and “Iron Man.”

“The Avengers” joins “Bernie,” which was voted most under-appreciated movie of 2012, in The Times’ look-back polls ont he films of 2012. The message from fans: a little less love for the man in green, a little more for Jack Black.


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