With Bill Hader leaving ‘SNL,’ here’s 5 movie roles we want for him


For Bill Hader fans, Saturday was a dark day, as it marked the actor’s last episode as a regular cast member of “Saturday Night Live.”

Hader, 34, takes with him beloved characters like enthusiastic “Weekend Update” city correspondent Stefon, creepy “Dateline” correspondent Keith Morrison and classic Hollywood horror figure Vincent Price.

The transition from “SNL” to film work can be a bumpy one, but Hader has already been smoothing a path -- he and Kristen Wiig costar as twins who cheat death in the upcoming comedy “The Skeleton Twins”; he plays a loser swimming pool manager in “The To-Do List,” a romantic comedy written and directed by his wife, Maggie Carey; and he voices characters in two 2013 animated movies, “Turbo” and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.”


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We have a few ideas for Hader’s future, too. Herewith, a collection of film roles that would make use of his many gifts:

1) “Ant-Man”: Edgar Wright’s uncast 2015 Marvel origins story, which Wright co-wrote with “Attack the Block” director Joe Cornish, centers on biophysicist Henry Pym, who develops an instrument that lets him control and communicate with insects. We see Hader as Pym, fighting evil with wit, intelligence and antennae.

2) “Lean In”: This movie doesn’t exist, but it should: Written and directed by Tina Fey, a fictionalized adaptation of Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg’s memoir would star Fey as Sandberg and Hader as her arch nemesis, a male co-worker who always works weekends, interrupts at meetings and brags about inventing Farmville.

3) “Stefon: The Movie.” Hader has said he doesn’t think his trademark character could sustain a whole movie, but we beg to differ. Directed by Sofia Coppola and set, of course, at New York’s hottest nightclub, “Stefon: The Movie” would costar Jason Schwartzman as a sleazy club promoter, Peter Dinklage as an exploited dancer/performer and Wiig as a tough-as-nails door girl with a clipboard. After premiering at Cannes, “Stefon: The Movie” could serve as both a thoughtful commentary on the decadence of our times and a marketing vehicle for Rob Kardashian’s sock line.

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4) “What Ever Happened to Baby Joe?” Someone, ideally Bill Condon, should remake the 1962 psychological thriller “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as dysfunctional, grown-up child-star sisters with Hader in the Davis role and Jon Hamm in the Crawford one. Paint Hader with Davis’ mole, throw in a wheelchair dance number for Hamm and it’s Oscars for everyone.

5) Vincent Price biopic. Hader’s impression of Hollywood’s horror icon would lend itself perfectly to a serio-comic biopic about Price, preferably shot in black and white by the Coen brothers, with spooks, scares and Steve Buscemi as Roger Corman.


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