New Oscars trailer has host Ellen DeGeneres dancing and lipsynching

If there was any doubt that this year’s Oscars will have a dance-y quality with Ellen DeGeneres on the stage, it was quelled Thursday afternoon.

The Motion Picture Academy has released a trailer for the March 2 ceremony on ABC, and it gets its “Singin’ In the Rain On.” The spot features the Oscar host walking down city streets/studio backlot lipsynching to the Fitz and the Tantrum song “The Walker,” particularly its maverick-ish lyrics “(I walk to the sound of my own drum”).

“The Heat” director Paul Feig helmed the ad, which is scheduled to run in theaters in the coming weeks and can also be viewed on the Oscars’ YouTube channel. About 250 tuxedo-clad move-busting, hands-in-the-airing dancers also join DeGeneres on her walkabout. There’s a modicum of break-dancing too.



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