Oscar nominee Eric Roberts to star in ‘Human Centipede 3'

While there is certainly a wide chasm between “The Dark Knight” and “The Human Centipede 3,” for actor Eric Roberts, it’s apparently all in a day’s work.

The 57-year-old Academy Award nominee has taken on a role in the third film of the disturbing horror series “The Human Centipede,” his reps confirm, five years after he portrayed a Gotham city mob boss in Christopher Nolan’s second installment of the Batman series.

Roberts will play opposite Tommy “Tiny” Lister (“Friday”), Robert LaSardo (“Death Race”), and former porn actress Bree Olson in the IFC-distributed horror series that has thus far grossed only $323,344 at the box office but has become something of a perverse guilty pleasure. The film’s human victims are sewn together, mouth to anus, on-screen.

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A quick look at Roberts’ IMDB page shows that the actor, brother of Julia, has seven projects in some stage of development and nothing short of 47 projects in some state of pre-production, filming or post-production.

His new projects include the USA series “Bonnie and Clyde: Justified” and playing a Mall Santa in “Santa’s Boot Camp.” It’s a varied career that began with a role in the daytime soap “Another World,” and hit its apex with an Oscar nomination for his supporting role in the actioner “Runaway Train.”

Where the “Human Centipede” role falls into the Roberts’ canon depends on your perspective on the series. The third installment is now filming in Los Angeles and will reportedly feature a 500-person centipede.



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