Grumpy Cat, the movie: Who should be the voice? [Poll]

A Grumpy Cat movie is in development, and the famously unhappy feline will speak in the film.

We can think of plenty of sourpusses in Hollywood, but it would take a special talent to voice this particularly disdainful kitty, a mixed breed female named Tardar Sauce who lives in Arizona.

We have a few casting suggestions. Be sure to vote for your own ideal Grumpy Cat at the end.


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Rachel Dratch: As “Saturday Night Live’s” Debbie Downer, Dratch was the person who could be counted on to kill a party’s upbeat mood with references to her gluten allergy and the global epidemic of feline AIDS. As Grumpy Cat, Dratch would deliver the gripes with appropriate pessimism.

Kevin Hart: Yes, he’s male and alarmingly energetic, but this 5-foot-2 comic understands pain. Literally. “Laugh at My Pain” was the name of Hart’s breakout comedy tour, which touched on such bouyant issues as his dwindling bank account and his father’s cocaine addiction. Imagine what he can do with litter boxes.

Tommy Lee Jones: No one hates being alive more than Tommy Lee Jones. No one. In fact, he hates you. He hates that you’re reading this. Tommy Lee Jones is aware of what you’re putting off right now in order to vote in a poll about Grumpy Cat, and it disgusts him. God you’re pathetic.

Melissa McCarthy: Yes, she’s usually ebullient, but there’s a dark side to the “Bridesmaids” comedian that needs to be showcased more. We got a taste of it when she screamed at her elderly mother in “The Hangover Part III,” but a furball could really bring her out of her sunny funk.

Tig Notaro: Like Grumpy Cat, this dry female stand-up comic embraces the darkness -- her most famous set was about her own breast cancer diagnosis. But other Notaro bits involve her own cat and its failure to properly appreciate her, suggesting that Notaro has the life experience to go Method on this role.


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