Josh Charles: Should the ‘Good Wife’ star make a play for movies?

Josh Charles
Josh Charles as Will Gardner in “The Good Wife.”
(David Giesbrecht )

On Sunday, Josh Charles exited “The Good Wife” when his character, Will Gardner, was the victim of a seemingly out-of-the-blue fatal shooting. On Monday, he explained his decision to David Letterman.

On Tuesday, it’s a question of now what.

Charles told Letterman that he had made the decision a year ago. While he said that “it is tough to leave stability and … structure,” he was nonetheless “just ready to kind of move on.”

Could that move be to film? Other TV mainstays who didn’t renew their contacts on a hit show — see Steve Carrell and “The Office” — often did so for movie careers. Charles has some movie experience. Very early in his career, the 42-year-old had parts in “Hairspray” and “Dead Poets Society,” but it’s been mostly indie roles during hiatuses, if there were movie parts at all.


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A film career for a longtime TV star is far from a sure thing. On the other hand, Charles has both dramatic experience a la “Good Wife” as well as comedic chops, as evidenced in his early career Aaron Sorkin dramedy “Sports Night.”

Should he make a go at the big screen? What kind of films would be the right fit for Charles if he did? Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts.



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