Nicki Minaj’s reveal: Not ‘Idol,’ but it smells ‘like angels playing’

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As rumors swirled about the next “American Idol” judge, hip-hop-leaning pop star Nicki Minaj took to Twitter on Tuesday to unveil the details on her latest venture: her perfume bottle.

A letdown? Maybe, but remember, a fragrance remains the ultimate accessory to fame. Lady Gaga has one on the horizon, Mariah Carey released one, and even Justin Bieber couldn’t deny the power of scent.

So just what is the Minaj odor like? “Like angels playing,” she tweeted, although such a description would seem to appeal more to the sense of sight or hearing rather than the sense of smell. Perhaps it’s best for now just to focus on the pretty bottle of her “Pink Friday,” which features a brassy mini-bust of Minaj with her trademark pink hair and, for added class, a push-up bra.


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As for the topic everyone is more interested in, if Minaj does join “Idol” she would be the second new judge announced this summer, as pop diva/perfume veteran Carey has already been unveiled as the replacement for Jennifer Lopez.

Just who will be the next “Idol” judge has become arguably a bigger drama than who will be the winner on the show, as names such as Joe Jonas, Miley Cryus and Katy Perry are among those that have been thrown around as possible “Idol” gatekeepers.

Gossip sites say Minaj on “Idol” is a done deal, but Fox has been mum on its replacement for Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, who, like Lopez, left the show after two seasons. The third judge, Randy Jackson, is expected to return when the show comes back in January, reports sister blog Show Tracker.

There’s no real incentive for Fox to hurry up and announce its new judge. With NBC’s talent competition “The Voice” scheduled to start on Sept. 10, and Fox’s own “Idol”-like “The X-Factor” ready to bow on Sept. 12, “Idol” has the spotlight over both for as long as the mystery continues.



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