Amy Winehouse play to premiere in Denmark

Amy Winehouse is the subject of a new play premiering next year in Copenhagen as part of the Royal Danish Theatre’s 2012-2013 season, theater officials have announced.

“Amy” will open Jan. 30 and run through April 13 at the theater, and the production will draw on music from Winehouse's breakthrough album “Back to Black” as well as songs from its predecessor, “Frank.” The play traces the arc of her life from struggling newcomer to pop superstar, leading up to her death from alcohol poisoning in July 2011.

According to the BBC, members of Winehouse’s family have confirmed that they are not involved in the production, which seeks to examine “the enormous pressure a sensationalist public put on a young superstar when her problems began.”

The Royal Danish Theatre’s website doesn’t specify who is writing the script, but said it will be based on published interviews and other press reports on the singer and songwriter, her concerts, speeches, letters and her songs. Winehouse is to be portrayed by 29-year-old actress Johanne Louise Schmidt.


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