Five things to love about Psy’s ‘Gentleman’ video

Psy performs at Olympic Stadium in Seoul on Saturday.
(Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images)

Korean pop star Psy -- you know, the guy who made your parents ask “what is a ‘Gangnam Style’ ” -- is back with the follow-up to the incredibly popular song.

“Gentleman,” is another foot-stomping, frenetic dance groove built around a basic chorus. The video delivers more cheeky irreverence from the pop star.

In the video, Psy channels his inner “mean girl” and pulls off an array of sophomorish pranks, including dialing up a woman’s treadmill, preventing a man from going to the restroom, kicking a soccer ball away from kids and digging in his backside and putting his fingers in someone’s face.


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Since being released Saturday, the video is on its way to approaching 100 million views -- no surprise given “Gangnam Style” somehow exceeded 1 billion views.

Pop & Hiss has yet to figure out what he’s rapping about, but here’s five things we loved about the video.

1. There’s a new dance to learn. It has more swagger than “Gangnam Style” and you won’t look like a total idiot trying to horseback-ride in place. The new move has you rest your hand on your chin, or raised above your head, and sexily swaying your hips back and forth to the beat. There’s also a pretty fabulous side-to-side gait that will get major play in the clubs.

2. Product placement. Before the video even starts, there’s Psy, in his signature flashy suit and glasses, hawking a contest to be his personal chef. Obviously we plan on entering. If you catch the video outside the confines of YouTube and there’s no ad, don’t worry. The video has a blatant drop of the popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga.

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3. The pranks. Psy has a wicked sense of the absurd, and toilet humor truly is the comedy that holds this great world together.

4. The fashion. Psy’s haute couture looks are to die for. In his latest video, he’s stepped up his fashion game (hey, a man who shills for pistachios has to look the part). The blazers alone are worth writing about. There’s a sparkle-encrusted one, a hot pink and a fierce houndstooth with exaggerated shoulder pads.

5. Not caring that you don’t understand the lyrics.

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