Brian Eno writes music for hospitals


Brian Eno fans might have to suffer a bit before they get to hear his new body of work.

According to the Independent, the producer-composer’s latest project is two ambient soundtrack and light installations designed to soothe patients in hospitals.

The works will make their debut at the new Montefiore Hospital in Hove, England. “77 Million Paintings for Montefiore” is a sound-and-light installation in the hospital’s reception area, while “The Quiet Room for Montefiore” is a custom separate space for patients, staff and guests to escape the sonic and emotional tumult of life in a hospital.


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The “generative music” work in the reception area is in line with Eno’s famous site-specific “Music for Airports” project (an evolving composition designed to soothe weary travelers). He reportedly began work on the project after a local surgeon told Eno that his wife had been greatly calmed by his airport installations and that he thought the conceit could work in a hospital.

An Eno spokesman told the Independent that the project -- inspired by the English nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale -- is already a hit with patients and that several other hospital architects have inquired about similar collaborations in their own projects.

Music fans, however, might have to really stub their toe before they get to listen to it. Eno’s spokesman told the paper, “It’s true to say that ‘The Quiet Room for Montefiore’ is an album that can only be heard in the Montefiore Hospital.”


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