Watch: Lady Gaga performs, hangs with Bill Murray on 'Letterman'

Lady Gaga, as you may have heard, is currently in the middle of a run of concerts at New York's Roseland Ballroom, the historic venue's final engagement before it closes its doors after half a century on West 52nd Street in Manhattan.

Something else you may have heard: Lady Gaga is currently battling a perception -- one that began to creep up when sales of last year's "Artpop" didn't quite meet expectations -- that she no longer matters.

So Wednesday night, the pop star dropped by "Late Show with David Letterman" to talk up the Roseland gigs -- and to remind everyone that she can still cause a stir. (It's true! Look at us, helping her stir!)

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First, Gaga joined Letterman and another of the host's guests, Bill Murray, for a comically awkward bit in which the three took a selfie and then stood around discussing Paul Shaffer's garish jacket. If that sounds exciting, watch it here.

Following that encounter, Gaga invited Murray and Letterman -- along with Letterman's studio audience -- around the corner to Roseland, where she performed her songs "Dope" and "G.U.Y."

With a super-sized blond wig, blasts of confetti and some seemingly Madonna-inspired dance moves, the latter was kind of fun (though not nearly as fun as Gaga's recent video for the song).

Watch the performance below.


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