Watch Adele pull a fast one on a group of her impersonators

Hello, meet Jenny.

Adele celebrated the highly anticipated drop of her new album, “25,” with a little prank Friday. On BBC One’s one-hour “Adele at the BBC” special, the British singing superstar, along with comedian and TV talk-show host Graham Norton, had a little fun with a group of Adele impersonators.

Donning a fake chin, nose and gloves (to cover her tattoos), Adele, under the fake name Jenny, ventured off to an audition with a few of her impersonators. Completely oblivious to the fact that they were actually in the presence of the superstar herself, the impersonators did not hesitate to gush about Adele.

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One of the impersonator’s comments about how excited she was for the new album caused the cheeky jokester to quip, “She’s taking her time.” It has been four years, after all, since the release of Adele’s “21.”

Once all of the other Adele impersonators had taken the stage to belt out “Make You Feel My Love,” it was time for Jenny. After missing her cue, due to nerves, of course, Jenny finally began singing. It took only a matter of seconds for the impersonators in the audience to come to the realization that Jenny was, in fact, Adele.

Although a few refused to believe it at first, due certainly to Adele’s acting prowess — seriously, is there anything this woman can’t do? — they eventually came around when Norton took the stage to officially introduce them all. Tears were shed and hugs were exchanged as the shocked impersonators met their idol.

Just when you thought Adele had no surprises left, she goes and pulls this off.


Watch the clip in its entirety above.

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