Beyonce throws a hotel dance party in her funny new ‘7/11' video

Now we know which cruciferous vegetable gives Beyonce her dance talent.

On Friday night, the R&B megastar quietly uploaded a delightfully low-budget and funny new video for her single “7/11.” The song is one of a couple new tracks (also including “Ring Off”) that will be featured on the re-release of her smash 2013 self-titled LP. 

In the video, Bey bops around a balcony wearing a sweat shirt that just reads “Kale,” while the intentionally choppy edits and fish-eyed lens lend it a home-movie feel.   

Your home movies, however, don’t spontaneously erupt in a half-dozen backup dancers taking to the bathroom for a human pyramid, and lend even the nerdiest choreography that sense of a susperstar letting her hair down for the day.


If one watches attentively (and come, on, it’s Bey, who isn’t),  she yells into her foot like it’s a telephone and bursts out of a package Christmas-morning style - she’s not taking this too seriously at all. There’s a quick cameo of Blue Ivy in the bedroom as well: it’s not the first time she’s been featured on her parents’ creative work, but always adorable.

Let’s all try to use this as inspiration for our weekend party plans, shall we?

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