Chris Brown reportedly not backing down in home graffiti complaint

Chris Brown isn't backing down from neighbors peeved over a mural in front of his Hollywood Hills home, according to reports.

The singer has reportedly filed an appeal with the city of Los Angeles over a citation he received after his neighbors complained about the artwork and brightly colored monster characters painted around his Hollywood Hills pad, according to TMZ.


The citation was issued over "unpermitted and excessive signage" on his home near the Cahuenga Pass, The Times previously reported.

Graffiti has been an aesthetic and hobby for the pop-R&B singer for years. He  named his 2009 album "Graffiti," and the disc's artwork depicted the singer painting a number of googly eyed creatures.

Brown has frequently uploaded pictures and videos of himself on Instagram and his website that show him practicing his painting skills. Street art is also a major presence in his music videos, fashion and a toy line.

But the cartoon creatures painted on his modernist home drew ire from his neighbors and landed the singer a fine of $376.32. The fine was to pay for the inspector sent to warn him about the artwork. That fee would triple if he didn't comply and remove the artwork in 30 days.

"They jump right out at you. They aren't just at the curb by the bins. It is all the way up the side of the house," Councilman Tom LaBonge told Times reporters last month.

In his appeal, Brown cited his 1st Amendment rights and said the art enhances the architectural and aesthetic features of the property. The case is now up to the Department of Building and Safety's board of appeals.

So much for love thy neighbor.