David Bowie co-writing stage play of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’

David Bowie is co-writing a new stage production of "The Man Who Fell to Earht."
(Los Angeles Times)

One of our favorite David Bowie moments is in the film “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” where Bowie’s clandestine interstellar traveler drops his human facade, and shows Candy Clark’s Mary-Lou that he’s actually a yellow-eyed space creature.

Now fellow fans of Bowie as a galactic weirdo can relive the skin-crawling magic live onstage.

Bowie is collaborating on “Lazarus,” a new play based on the 1976 film (which was based on the novel by Walter Tevis). Bowie will contribute several new songs and reworked Bowie classics for the play, and co-writing with Enda Walsh, who wrote the stage adaptation for the beloved 2007 movie “Once.” Belgian director Ivo van Howe will oversee it.

The only disappointment? Bowie will not be reprising his role as Thomas Newton onstage. Bowie has Broadway experience -- playing the title role in “The Elephant Man” in the early 1980s -- but will not have a stage role in this production.


James C. Nicola, artistic director of New York Theater Workshop, described the play to the New York Times as being “a play with characters and songs — I’m calling it music theater, but I don’t really know what it’s going to be like, I just have incredible trust in their creative vision.”

The play is scheduled to open later this year. In the meantime, fire this one up at home and hope your Tinder date is as into David Bowie space-monster productions as you are.

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