Fiona Apple sings new songs at tour opener, ends by heckling heckler

Fiona Apple and Blake Mills perform at the Newmark Theater in Portland, Ore.
(Natalie Behring / Getty Images)

Fiona Apple launched a month-long North American tour Thursday night in Portland, Ore., and though the show reportedly began well, things evidently devolved when a heckler provoked the famously irascible singer.

“Get healthy -- we want to see you in 10 years,” a woman in the audience at the Newmark Theatre called out near the end of the concert, according to David Greenwald of the Oregonian.

That weirdly passive-aggressive comment led Apple to respond, “I am healthy,” Greenwald wrote. Then the singer apparently unloaded on the woman, which in turn inspired another audience member to call Apple “a has-been.”

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At that point, according to Greenwald, Apple asked for the house lights to be turned on and for the first heckler to leave the concert. After that she played one more song in tears, then left the stage, describing the evening as “a historically stupid night.”

Somewhere in there, Apple -- whose current show has her accompanied only by L.A.-based guitarist Blake Mills -- reportedly played a handful of new songs, including one that may be titled “I Want You to Love Me.” (A recording of what appears to be a performance of that tune cropped up online early Friday.)

Apple and Mills are scheduled to play Seattle’s Benaroya Hall on Friday night and L.A.'s Disney Hall on Monday.



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