Fact or fiction: Kanye West 3-hour spoken-word album coming?

Kanye West
Rapper Kanye West, shown in 2013 at the Hollywood Film Awards, is working on a new album, which some have rumored will be a spoken-word project.
(Frank Micelotta / Invision/AP)

The absurd genius of the Kanye West universe is that even the wackiest rumors about him carry  a shred of potential credibility.

Like the one circulating now—that West is planning to release a spoken-word album. A three-hour spoken-word album. On vinyl. And that he’s also planning a deluxe digital version that will carry on a full 24 hours with his thoughts, rants and ramblings on all manner of topics.

No matter that the report that has generated a flurry of online stories originates with the notorious UK tabloid The Sun, or that the Sun’s report is built on quotes from an anonymous source said to be close to West.

Even so, Idolator, Vibe, and numerous other sites are speculating on whether there could be an ounce of truth to the story, or whether it’s a piece from the Onion that somehow landed in The Sun.


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The idea doesn’t seem utterly out of the realm of possibility because, as the Sun’s anonymous source says, “Kanye loves the sound of his own voice, and this will be the ultimate in self-indulgence.”

The rapper “has very strong views on everything from music and art to politics and the environment,” the source is quoted as saying. “He’s forever recording his opinions on tape.”

It seems unlikely West would limit himself to a 24-hour release, given that the Flaming Lips did put out a 24-hour digital recording session back in 2011. You’d expect Kanye at least to let his run 25 hours so he wouldn’t be tied with anyone for anything.


Having canceled upcoming tour dates to continue working on his next album, West has many people guessing as to what that album ulltimately will hold.

Just one question: Aren’t all of Kanye West’s albums spoken-word albums?


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