Lil Wayne reportedly leaves hospital after nearly weeklong stay

Lil Wayne was reportedly released from an L.A. hospital Monday after a nearly weeklong stay that set off a social media frenzy regarding the rapper’s health.

Mack Maine, president of Lil Wayne’s record label, wrote late Monday on Twitter that the rapper had been discharged from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and was headed home.

“God is great,” he added.

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Moments later, the rapper and record executive Birdman, who often refers to himself as Lil Wayne’s father, tweeted, “God son just release frm hospital.thanks 4 all tha luv.”

The news of Lil Wayne’s discharge followed a weekend of intense speculation over the condition of the rapper, who had been admitted to Cedars-Sinai on March 12 after having a seizure, according to an associate.

TMZ reported Friday that Lil Wayne was near death, but that evening a message appeared on the rapper’s Twitter account declaring, “I’m good everybody.” (The note was retweeted more than 192,000 times.)

Addressing rumors that Lil Wayne’s seizure had been triggered by an overdose of prescription cough medicine, Birdman said Monday in an interview with the New York radio DJ Angie Martinez that “it had nothing to do with drugs.”

“To me, honestly, it’s his work ethic,” he said. “How hard he works. How much dedication he gives to his music and his fans.” Birdman added that Lil Wayne “just needs to get some rest and relax. He’ll be back, normal, like everyone else.”

The rapper is scheduled to release a new album next week.


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