Premiere: DJDS documents a beach bummer in 'Stand Up and Speak' video

Premiere: DJDS documents a beach bummer in 'Stand Up and Speak' video
A screenshot from DJDS's new video for "Stand Up and Speak." (DJDS/Body High)

In the video for DJDS’s new track “Stand Up and Speak,” a team of kids roam the beach in what might be another Southern California summer-sun clip. Waves roll across sand. You can almost feel the heat.

But, as is always the case with the Los Angeles house music production team of Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL, superficiality quickly gives way to emotional depths. In the clip, which The Times is premiering here, we see a kid in close-up wearing a gas mask. Another striking image shows a child in body suit and mask standing on a beach. Different children mime the lyrics to “Stand Up and Speak.” Then they put on their masks to frolic in the Pacific.

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Massive smokestacks tower above as the chorus approaches. This isn’t California sun. This is California glum: “These days are coming to an end,” offers the track’s vocalist while a glistening rhythm moves. Are we supposed to dance or break down? The music screams Saturday night party; the images throb like a Sunday afternoon headache. Watch the new work below.

“Stand up and Speak” is the third clip released by DJDS from their forthcoming album of the same name. Best known in music circles as DJ Dodger Stadium until a certain spoilsport MLB team threatened to rain on their parade, the pair thrive at the intersection of mesmerizing beats and visually striking videos. Their fantastic 2014 debut album, "Friend of Mine," was one of my favorite dance records of last year -- and the videos were just as striking.

That through-line continues. DJDS has already teased the forthcoming album, which comes out early next year via their own Body High Records label in conjunction with the respected imprint Loma Vista, with two prior videos.

The first one, for the new track “You Don’t Have to Be Alone,” followed a pack of huskies racing in the snowy wild.

The next short was for “In the Flames,” a track with a luxuriously AutoTuned vocal line. The video is minimal, and appears to be shot on a rooftop in downtown Los Angeles. We watch as Samo Sound Boy and Jerome LOL groove in front of a mixer as the song unfolds.

A few weeks ago as a further tease, DJDS dropped a remix of “Why Can’t We Live Together,” the Timmy Thomas track recently resurrected for Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” The Dodger Stadium remix takes that memorable rhythm and doubles down on it, layering it into a blissful house track.

DJDS will likely preview new material when they perform on Saturday at the Echoplex. The full length "Stand Up and Speak" comes out on Body High/Loma Vista Jan. 29.

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