Watch: Mindy Smith’s ‘Shelter Me’ video for PBS pet adoption series

Mindy Smith and her dog Sophia
Mindy Smith, shown with her dog Sophia she adopted from an animal shelter, has written an original theme song for the PBS-TV series “Shelter Me” highlighting shelters and pet adoption.
(Sarah Voter)

“Shelter Me,” the public television series highlighting animal shelters and pet adoption, is ramping up for its fourth episode premiering in October with a promotional video set to a newly commissioned theme song by singer-songwriter Mindy Smith.

Beyond writing and recording the title track, Smith in turn invited several other indie musicians to provide songs that would touch on themes of hope and redepmtion for a companion album, “Songs For Shelter Me,” that also will be released next month.

Other artists on the album, due Oct. 7, include Kris Allen, Peter Bradley Adams, Trent Dabs, Maggie Eckford, Jenny & Tyler, Korby Lenker, SHEL, Kate York and Matthew Perryman Jones. Proceeds from sales of the album will benefit shelter pets.

In “Shelter Me,” as images from various shelters show animals being paired with new owners, New York-reared, Nashville-based Smith sings: “I will always walk, I will always walk beside you/You can count on me to be true/I’ll be there to give you comfort…”


Smith also is joined by Jones on “Who Saved Who,” a second original song to be included in “Shelter Me: New Beginnings,” the new episode of the occasional series created by filmmaker Steven Latham to counter negative public perceptions of animal shelters  and promote the adoption of shelter pets.

In Southern California the latest episode premiers Oct. 7 on KCLS Channel 58 at 7 p.m., and  Oct. 8 at 7 p.m. on PBS SoCal-KOCE Channel 50.  The KLCS airing of the new episode will be followed by back-to-back repeat airings of the previous three installments from 8 to 11 p.m.

“Shelter Me” series is sponsored by Ellen DeGeneres’ pet food company Halo, Purely For Pets.

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