Top 5 beaches for pristine conditions


What makes a pristine beach: Natural, beautiful beaches. Few buildings crowd the vista. These places feel removed from the hustle and bustle of most beach towns.

1. - One of the last undeveloped barrier islands in Florida. Take a ferry from Honeymoon Island State Recreation Area or a private boat to get there. Near Dunedin on the Gulf Coast.

2. - Isolated and natural. How the east coast of Florida must have appeared to early explorers. North of Cape Canaveral.

3. - The preserve may be small -- just 73 acres -- but it’s memorable. In a state known for its sandy beaches, Blowing Rocks is one of the few that has, well, rocks.

4. St. Joseph Peninsula State Park - Isolated. Travel 20 miles down the St. Joseph Peninsula to reach this park on a lonely spit of land jutting into the Gulf. Near Port St. Joe.

5. Bahia Honda State Park: Narrow beach. Stunning surroundings and colorful water - especially at low tide. Located on Big Pine Key north of Key West.