‘Captain Marvel’: The MCU comes of age with a female lead

Brie Larson as the titular superhero in a scene from Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel."
(Marvel Studios)

With its first female-led installment in the Marvel Studio franchise, most people are asking: What took so long?

But in one corner of the internet “Captain Marvel” is a bridge too far, especially for those angered by star Brie Larson‘s progressive calls for diversity and inclusivity.

L.A. Times film writer Mark Olsen (@IndieFocus) is joined by Kenneth Turan (@KennethTuran), Jen Yamato (@jenyamato), Justin Chang (@JustinCChang), Tracy Brown (@tracycbrown) and Sonaiya Kelley (@sonaiyak) to discuss the politics surrounding “Captain Marvel” and the merits of the film itself -- its indie directors, its ‘90s nostalgia and its cast, including Reggie, the cat thespian.


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