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Nicolas Winding Refn pushes the boundaries of TV with ‘Too Old to Die Young’

Miles Teller in “Too Old to Die Young.”
(Scott Garfield / Amazon Prime)

In a world of instant clicks and information on demand, director Nicolas Winding Refn took his time to tell the tale of “Too Old to Die Young,” his new series on Amazon Prime.

The Danish filmmaker — best known for the film “Drive,” starring Ryan Gosling — has fully embraced the streaming revolution to experiment with pacing, narrative and character development. The 10-episode neon-lit noir features extended pauses between lines of dialogue. Miles Teller, who plays a crooked cop and vigilante assassin, leads a large, ensemble cast.

Jena Malone in “Too Old to Die Young.”
(Scott Garfield / Amazon Prime)

Refn says the 13-hour show — which he prefers to call a 13-hour movie — reflected his reaction to the “insanity” of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.


Mark Olsen (@IndieFocus) talks with Refn (@NicolasWR) about his vision, his casting choices, and why he loves to set his stories in Los Angeles.

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