After that epic ‘Superstore’ kiss, what’s next? America Ferrera likes that anything can happen

The “Superstore” star is ready to explain the workings of Westeros to you. She’s also eager to work in the action genre.


The Season 2 finale of “Superstore” ended with a double-dose of chaos: a tornado plowed through Cloud 9, the big-box megastore at the center of the series, and a long-awaited, illicit kiss between fan-favorites Amy and Jonah left a question mark in the air. The uncertainty of what comes next has star America Ferrera satisfied.

“I think what’s fun about the kiss is that it happened in a moment of duress,” Ferrera, who plays Amy, said during a recent visit to The Times’ video studio. “They thought they were going to die.”

Ferrera’s character spent much of the sophomore season of the NBC comedy acknowledging and confronting her unhappiness — in life and in her marriage. And even though she acted impulsively in the midst of a natural disaster by kissing Jonah (Ben Feldman), that doesn’t exactly mean this will-they/won’t-they is now a they-did/they’re-a-couple.


“It doesn’t mean that they are together and are going to walk out hand-in-hand toward the sunset,” Ferrera said. “We don’t know where it’s going to go. And she does have a marriage, and she does have a family. And she’s grown. She knows that sometimes a kiss is a kiss. Or sometimes you do have feelings for someone and that’s just not what it’s meant to be.”

And that’s perfectly fine because Ferrera isn’t interested in her character’s journey being strictly about being linked to a guy.

“What I loved about this show and this character, and what I talked to [creator Justin Spitzer] really early on [about] is I’m not interested in playing a character whose journey is about falling in love, or going from one guy to another.… I could very easily see a world in which maybe [Amy and Jonah] end up together, but I can also see a world where maybe they don’t.”

Watch the full conversation below:

The actress-producer says the comedy is not about issues, but people. Also, she details Amy’s relationship with Jonah -- and what it’s like directing aggressive rabbits.

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